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Looking further in the Pennsylvania Land Warrants, Azariah's father, William Davis, also obtained a land warrant in Washington County the following year, on 25 May 1785. William received 300 acres, including an improvement adjoining Michael Jones and Henry Vanmeter. In March I wrote about several land transfers in Guernsey County for Henry Davis. 28-29 March 1864 - Incident involving Captain Thornhill and Colonel Parsons, Thornhill has an argument with Parsons that he should command the company of men he recruited. He was given authority by Colonel Parsons to raise a company in the 9th Tennessee Cavalry, and would be Captain of the company if he could raise enough recruits. Timeline in case of Captain John Thornhill, posted on 3 November 2013). I am still amazed that one can go to the Archives and touch actual historical documents from over 140 years ago. The case was appealed to the US Supreme Court by Samuel E. Rankin (a bio on Rankin can be found here), who was courtmartialed then later charged and acquitted for the murder of Captain John Thornhill.

Sarah Jane Thornhill Ryan, aunt to both John Thornhill and Joseph Thomas Jones, also appeared as a witness in the case. About 1841, John A. Thornhill born in Jefferson County. Azariah Davis served in the Pennsylvania Militia for Washington County during the Revolutionary War. I previously featured the Tenmile Country in a Mappy Monday post in November 2012. I will be revisiting Washington, Greene and Chester Counties in Pennsylvania as I look into the Davis and Vanmeter lines. The land record above is referenced in Howard Leckey's book, The Tenmile Country and its Pioneer Families, page 528. I have inserted a copy of this page below (via Google Books). Before you start really playing, you need to be prepared and you have to have a deeper understanding of the game that you are playing. So when starting a game of blackjack, your count is just zero (0). If two kings are dealt, then your count goes to negative 2 (-2).

Here, you’ll find useful informational videos like how to play blackjack, what to wear to a casino, and casino etiquette. People who love to play wheeling wv casino games know very well that how much interesting and the wonderful is the slots game. These places to play online gambling games often feature a theme for every person, and for every single thing that a person can possible like, from television shows to hobbies and card games. Consider your position. If you are playing a video slot with 100 paylines at $1 per line, your minimum bet is $100 per play. It would be wise to only use a small percentage of your bank on each bet you make. Next, the dealer will remove the cup and use the wand to count off the buttons underneath in groups of four, until zero to three remain. I think our kids will enjoy seeing this too. Matt, you're the REIT guy, what do you think?

I think this is a great record, shows how much land William owned in Cumberland, that he had a still, and that the Davis sons had horses, cattle and sheep. There is a lot more information on the Davis family, and with this post I pick up the story on Azariah Davis. See more Virtual Console games for Wii About Nintendo. It also declines ones morale due to which he is more concerned for the importance of wealth. As an example, Leckey states the wife of William Davis is not known, but other sources have William Davis' wife as Elizabeth Wollison. The regiment arrived in Knoxville on 9 October and remained through 15 December 1863. Witness states that Thornhill was insubordinate in Knoxville. 20 January 1864, Parsons orders Thornhill back to the regiment or his name is to be dropped from the company. Gumpy appears in the January 1936 Arsenal Cannon (1935 football), he's the last player in the picture on the third row, barely in a practice squad uniform. Source: IMCPL Digital Library; 1938 Arsenal Cannon.

My Gumpy, Keith D. Jones, appears in the middle row on page 35 for the 1937 Arsenal Tech football team. To go from last on the team two years earlier to key player in his senior year is an achievement, as well as playing in front of 10,000 fans at the Butler Bowl in the school's rivalry game against Shortridge. The constant improvements in technology throughout the years have certainly benefitted video game designers who can now make elaborate games with in depth characters, plots, and environments. As you already know, most of these games require no registration and no download - so basically, all you’ll have to do is choose a game, click on it, and start playing. If you have Civil War items related to Tennessee, please contact the TSLA about digitizing this heritage. In East Tennessee, the sides were not always clearly described as Union or Rebel.

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