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The Explorer's Club, also known as Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost at Disneyland Paris, is another space which is at once exotic and evokes domesticity, with soaring ceilings and shaded verandas. One of the distinctive things about Disneyland and The Magic Kingdom, I feel, is that in many areas the theming is actually dead simple. I've been able to gather up a number of Redmond's pieces relating to Magic Kingdom's Adventureland, which if I had to guess, based on what I have, she designed the common areas in totality. Redmond's notation here directs us to Shadows From India page 135, which turns out is a fairly unenlightening reference for the windows seen here. Going back to Redmond's art, we can see that originally, the very first structure inside Adventureland to the right -- was going to be a Shooting Gallery! They make freshly made tiny donuts that are terrific - hot right out of the oven! There are other poker games where the lowest hand wins instead of the highest; these are called lowball games.

Supposedly the idea germinated from a theme party held by Joe Rhode in the late 80s called "The Last Days of the Raj". Generally it is a good idea to slip the spring off of the ear and leave it connected to the part where it is threaded through a hole. The service, food and quality are all good here. Many people are hesitant to sign up with an online seneca allegheny casino since they aren't sure how to tell the good from the bad. In other words the Adventurer's Club was a place you came back to to tell your stories and show off your treasures. The key is that the Skipper Canteen must then by definition not be a social space in the style of the private club represented by the Adventurer's Club, but a private space, and that is just what Imagineering has done. Here's the thing, even allowing for the inexact nature of farce, is that Adventurer's Club was always supposed to be a Gentleman's Club, heavily British East Indian in style.

Let's go back to the Adventurer's Club for a moment here. Thus it makes sense that the Jungle Cruise and Adventurer's Club would be bedfellows. Now the Jungle Cruise is unavoidably British Colonial in theme, even if it's staffed with wisecracking yanks in the fashion of Humphrey Bogart in The African Queen. The Adventureland Veranda represents a French Colonial Plantation Home of the Victorian era. French Colonial architecture is at once familiar and exotic, an appropriate overture to the area to come. I've searched online and it no longer seems to exist - much of Port-au-Prince's Victorian architecture was either torn down or finally destroyed by the 2010 earthquake. And since it would be egregious to keep the distinctive exterior of the Veranda structure but gut the interior to resemble something it is not, then either the whole thing must be torn down and rebuilt into an entirely new stretch of architecture or the Jungle Cruise theme must be adapted to the new space.

It isn't just about reopening a space and keeping it true to its original intentions, it's about knowing when to stop. We did find space to devour one last chicken leg each that the wife had saved from the buffet line. Last year, I wrote a lot about Disney Springs, and I still stand by that piece - I like it plenty. Contrary to betting table games that require a lot of skills along with mathematical power, the online slot machines ask minimum thought and effort to process. Mount Airy Casino Resort (312 Woodland Rd., Mt. Pocono) boasts the ultimate gaming experience with over 1,800 slot machines, 80 table games, and a recently opened sportsbook. His fears subsided when he saw the Widus casino’s gross gaming revenue increase following Solaire’s opening. It's reassuring that the designers of the Canteen saw the value in the intended design, and knew that sometimes that was enough.

They've made the Canteen into a converted home, even turning one of the side rooms into a family dining room with a fireplace and cabinets of fine china. And that's why I applaud what Imagineering did with the Skipper Canteen. Shadows From India is hard to find today - it seems to have been published only in Europe - and strikes me as the more interesting source so we will begin there. I was, in fact, going to pass on this unremarked when I noticed that Redmond had left barely legible source citations at the bottom of her art, and this find was too remarkable to pass up on. Mrs. Redmond has been mentioned here before, but it's fair to say that if the design of Magic Kingdom had an "MVP", I'd place Dorothea at the top of the list. And that a brilliant, historically valid original Magic Kingdom interior was repurposed and reopened to the general public is even more cause to celebrate.

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