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River rock casino

They range from 12-14 inches in length and weigh up to about four pounds. So if you’re dealt four suited high cards - say, a King, a Queen, a Jack and a Ten of Diamonds - you’ve got a very lucky hand. Kara was busy chatting with people who lingered so she only shot one video but at least we got something. The reason for the occassion was that the folks at League of Rock are gearing up for another fall session so I joined Kara in her promotions that afternoon, figuring that it would be fun to point my guitar at the new promo for a while. And if you've read previous LOR posts you will recognize Kara who has joined team League of Rock (along with Wayne and Lori)! As we were talking music and experiences, the League of Rock naturally came up as it was part of my day as well as is an inspiring part of my life.

And of course thanks to Jim who came to chat with me in the first place, and who was my host for the day at the rehearsal. This discussion came up as I chatted with an interesting crew of muscians after the gig. Small world, in fact I was told there were a few in the band and on the crew who are very familiar with what Terry and Topher are doing over there in Toronto. If you are looking for something special to do this holiday season with your friends or family bring them down, and if you come on a Saturday night the whole place comes alive with a live band to keep your skates sliding! Just think, this coming Holiday season you could be performing at the Yale for your family and friends. We talked about the benefits of his time spent in the League and we both agreed that the experience of joining a band, rehearsing, recording, learning from pros and then showcasing at a venue like the Yale all within 10 weeks, just can't be duplicated, and for anyone who is musically talented but too busy and perhaps inexperienced to put it all together themselves, this really is an effortless way to check out of your day job and check in to your inner rocker.

So anyhow, I figure all this coincidence was just too timely not to share, and this is a great chance to remind you that if you have been thinking about joining but haven't yet, the League of Rock is starting a new session very soon so now is the time to get in on it. Jeff Jones, the bass player for the Carpet Frogs (who were backing up Burton) was talking about his experience with the members and how great it was to watch them going through the League. What a wonderful festive time of year, what a great night, what a beautiful thing to do for all ages. I don't have words adequate to describe how much I love playing with this band, but it must come across very clearly as people tell me all the time that I look like I am having so much fun up there. I love my job.

Clem is one of those guys that is not only a wicked drummer but a great showman, and he does all those nifty tricks that audiences love to see like throwing his sticks up into the stratosphere and catching it without missing a beat. Who says you can’t teach older dog new tricks? Connecticut casinos, now 16 years old and boasting the largest revenues in the world despite Macau’s massive casinos, continue to be the haven for casino dealers who want to rip off the casinos they work in. The weekend of Dec 7-8 we are at Lion's den at the Boulevard Casino, then you can find us at Starlight seminole hard rock casino on Dec 21st, and we'll be ripping up the stage at Lulu's lounge in the River Rock Casino on Dec 28th and 29th! Later that night I arrived to Lulu's Lounge at the River Rock Casino for my gig with the Hitmen, and I took this pic backstage just minutes before showtime.

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